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House Name Brackets

Wrought Iron House Name Brackets

Our house name brackets are very popular and can be made in either of the styles below. The style with a motif can be made with any of the weather vane motifs or, as with all our products, to your own requirements. Why not give us a photo of your pet for example and we can make the motif from that.

Both styles come with chains ready for you to hang your name plaque. They do not include the name itself as there are so many different types of plaque for you to choose from. However, if you wish to have a steel name made, we can quote for that.

A standard name bracket with scrolls or motif is £75 plus £14 p&p. This applies to the majority of motifs – as we hand cut our motifs, any more complicated or fiddly designs might be slightly more.

As well as name brackets, we also make name signs in a frame to fit flat to the wall. These come in 2″  letters in a frame and start at £83 for 5 letters on one line. The price then increases by £7 for each subsequent letter. If the name is on two lines the price starts at £99 for 7 letters and again increases by £7 for each extra letter.

All brackets and house signs are hand crafted, fully welded and finished in black gloss


Hover your mouse over any of the photos below to see a larger version:

House Name Brackets 1

House Name Brackets 2

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