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Rose Arches

Wrought Iron Rose Arches

Our rose arches are all hand crafted, fully welded and built to withstand the weight of heavy climbers and the weather. They will not buckle or bend at the slightest bit of wind!

All steel is solid bar, we do not use hollow tubing. The main frame is made from 16mm solid square bar with 16mm solid square horizontal bars. The infill bars are 12mm solid square bars.

All the bars are fully welded not just spot welded.

The Rose Arches are made in three sections, 2 sides and the arch and these are bolted together as shown in the far right picture.

Prices are on application as there are so many different designs to choose from and of course they can be made to the size to suit you. As a rough guide, a 6ft arch in style 2 would cost approximately £320 Please contact us with your requirements for an exact quote.

Hover your mouse over any of the photos below to see a larger version:

Rose Arches 1

Rose Arches 2

Rose Arches 3

Rose Arches 4

Rose Arches 8

Rose Arches 9

Rose Arches 13

Rose Arches 14

Rose Arches 15

Rose Arches 5

Rose Arches 6

Rose Arches 7

Rose Arches 11

Rose Arches 10

Rose Arches 12

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